Trend: Living in Boho Style

Boho Style

What exactly is the boho style?

No matter where you look, the bohemian style is currently very high in the course. The playful decorative accessories and pieces of furniture made of natural materials skillfully enhance the style of living. They give any neutral ambience a very special flair. For a long time now, the bohemian look has no longer just been condemned as hippie chic. Because in the meantime, “boho living” has become completely established in interior design. The boho style is thus one of the most popular interior styles of our time. No wonder! Lots of bright colors, playful fringes and a penchant for the unconventional make the seemingly imperfect living style perfect.

What does Boho stand for?

The term “Boho” comes from the French word “Bohemién”. It is derived from the Roma people who originated from Bohemia. The term then referred to fringe groups in the 19th century, consisting of rebellious poets, painters, sculptors and musicians. The pursuit of freedom and the rebellion against bourgeois norms found expression with the Boho style – also in interior design.

The origin of the Boho style

The intellectuals and artists made a strong case for a casual life. The followers of the Boho style earned their living with poetry, philosophical teachings or writing – just very typical as free spirits. But so that they could also visually distinguish themselves from the norm of the time, they attached great importance to diversity. Bright colors, wild patterns and creative designs were the focus here. They determined the clothing as well as the furnishing style of the bohemians.

With their cheerful and unconventional colors, cuts and shapes, they deliberately set themselves apart from the dreary philistinism of the time. The dazzling life in terms of culture and look characterizes the Boho style to this day.

What does the Boho Style mean for interior design?

Boho style is a style of living that thrives on contradictions: it is unconventional, dazzling and natural at the same time. So, if you are looking for straight lines and clearly structured design, you will not find it here. Because the Bohemian style is a wild, colorful and very versatile furnishing mix. Here, cozy textiles and fancy prints are in the foreground. Since it is very influenced by foreign cultures, it is also the perfect interior style for globetrotters and free spirits.

It is important to note that you can mix old and new furniture – especially if they are made of natural materials such as wood, rattan and raffia. But every now and then you also come across contemplative fabrics like velvet and mohair!

Basics: These are the colors, patterns and materials for the Boho Style

As already mentioned, the Boho style stands for casual living in imperfect look. The interior style scores at the same time with dazzling decorative accessories and textiles made of natural materials. After all, it is the mix of styles that makes the style special. What you should also look for in the colors, fabrics and patterns, you will now learn.

If you also want to design your home in boho style, you should prepare the color choice conscientiously. Because with the matching wall color or the spectacular tone of the couch stands and falls the Boho look in your four walls. The preferred basic colors are largely earthy tones such as brown, beige, olive or khaki.

However, gaudy shades that you can use wonderfully as a splash of color are also perfect in boho style. Purple, Bordeaux red or blue ideally complement the muted earth tones. A warm yellow is also extremely popular in this interior style. The color tones can be mixed with each other without any consideration. However, so that the room does not overwhelm the viewer, you should keep the walls in subtle colors – as well as large pieces of furniture.

Here we have compiled a few more tips for your color selection:

Don’t choose your colors too dark! Otherwise, you can quickly create a depressed mood that has little in common with a cozy atmosphere.
Even though gaudy shades in boho style are a wonderful way to bring color into play: It should not become too colorful. Despite all the color diversity, boho style thrives on a harmonious overall look.
To play it safe: Combine a maximum of four contrasting colors within one area with each other.
Extra tip: You love the Boho Style, but prefer creamy white and light beige? Then get inspired by Laura’s stylish 40sqm apartment now:

Boho Style

These are the patterns you should go for in boho style

Bohemian style sofa fringes ethnic pattern
Boho style pillows in white with black patterns on bed
The popular boho style lives not only from the bright colors and a well-combined mix of styles. The different patterns are also a feature that contributes significantly to the bohemian style. Colorful home textiles with effective prints are just as much a part of it as the influence of foreign cultures. Absolutely Bohemian-like, by the way, are home textiles made of patchwork, macramé or batik. A boho style without these patterns? Hardly imaginable.

In addition to printed patterns, embroidery, fringes and lace applications are also very much in demand in boho decoration. These may seem a bit too playful at first. However, in the mix with the bright colors they give a beautiful look. So, if you want to dip your four walls in the trendy bohemian style, you should not be afraid of a wild pattern mix. It is simply the perfect interior style for free spirits and those who want to be.

These materials should not be missing from the Bohemian Style

After a grueling day at work, come home, put your feet up and enjoy the peace and quiet within your own four walls. Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful! So that nothing stands in the way of a cozy evening on the sofa, the right materials are also required for a Boho look interior. Soft pillows, typical boho rugs with fringes and cozy wool plaids are an absolute must.

So that you do not get cold feet in the morning after getting up

it is worth investing in a rug with an oriental pattern. Placed in front of the bed, the whole room will look much cozier. Wonderful for a boho bedroom! The Boho look gets even more charm with the help of natural materials like wood, leather, rattan, cotton and linen.

For storage space, Boho fans therefore also like to provide woven baskets and rustic wooden chests. Rugged-looking blanket and pillow covers made of linen also create a modern impression in your four walls. Our tip: feathers! Also a stylish boho material with extra charm.

Stylish furniture for your boho interior
Boho chic for the bedroom in light colors
Bedroom with Boho elements
Casual ethnic elements meet classy furniture. Whether exciting individual pieces, models in extravagant colors or objects in muted tones, the Boho style allows everything. The main thing is that it meets your taste and you can identify with the look. In any case, the furniture of the style is diverse, defying the counter-movement of minimalism.

By the way, especially typical for the boho look is the sofa or the bed, which becomes a colorful eye-catcher with countless colorful decorative pillows. Small side tables and lush cabinets also revive the boho style and are the focus of the interior. Vintage chairs, on the other hand, exude pure summer mood and look just great with the wooden dining table. Or add a comfortable hammock to your interior!

Boho Style

Flea market finds & vintage objects

A boho style home needs to tell stories: About you, your personality, your passions and experiences. Surround yourself with souvenirs of your travels from faraway lands. Display paintings, boho rugs and co. that evoke memories of special moments.
Boho indoor garden: turn your room into a gorgeous indoor garden with hanging pots, herbs and vertical gardens! This will not only keep you in a good mood and lively, but will also add a touch of freshness to the air.
Pattern textiles: bedding with floral patterns, patchwork quilts and colorful pillows will make your bed special and unique. A four-poster bed with mosquito netting or ethnic curtains are also stylish choices.
Lanterns & candles: you want to live in boho style? Then create the ultimate boho mood with lanterns – indoors and outdoors. In addition, candles may not be missing in any case!