How to decorate my TV cabinet?

TV cabinet

The TV is present in millions of homes, and yet it often remains an unwanted element of decoration. While some pieces of furniture have sliding panels to hide it, others, on the contrary, offer decorative options, with display cases, shelves or other wall elements. Here are some ideas for decorating your TV furniture.

TV furniture and wall units

If you have chosen a simple TV cabinet that consists of a single element, it is up to you to use your imagination to give character to this space.

Your TV furniture is too often forgotten when it comes to decorating.

So, you can put together a wall of frames: Photo frames of various sizes will tastefully dress up your wall, making it easier for your TV screen to blend in with the decor.

Choose frames and photos or illustrations in the same style as your TV cabinet. For example, if you have chosen a white and wooden Scandinavian furniture, opt for a mix of white painted and wooden frames.

You can also paint the wall behind your TV screen a different color: Instead of trying to camouflage this everyday object, you can highlight it. A large designer clock fits perfectly to decorate your wall.

If your TV furniture consists of several elements, your task will be easier. The different modules of your TV furniture (shelves, base cabinets or wall cabinets) are designed to accommodate all kinds of decorative items: Books, plants, photos, the choice is yours!

TV cabinet

Simple TV furniture: some decoration ideas.

Whatever type of TV furniture you have chosen, there are dozens of decoration options.

Have you chosen a TV cabinet without upper cabinets? No problem. Add plants and add some greenery to your four walls. You can opt for an asymmetrical arrangement, moving your TV on one side of the furniture and placing several plants on the other. Cacti can be a perfect fit: easy to care for and decorative, they come in endless varieties.

TV furniture decor

A collection of designer candlesticks in different sizes will elegantly embellish your TV furniture. You can also opt for an attractive lamp placed next to the screen. Add a stack of books and a radio in a retro look, and your TV cabinet will become a decorative part of your living room.

If you have chosen an industrial-style piece of furniture, a collection of vinyl records and a record player will turn your TV corner into a great decorative element. Travel souvenirs, vintage objects found at flea markets, everything is possible to decorate your TV furniture.