Furnishing styles test: Which one suits you?

Furnishing styles test

This is how our furnishing styles test works
There are 10 statements for each interior design style. Write down in each case how many of them you agree with a hearty “yes”. Then look at the resolution to see what your result means and compare which interior style got the most “yeses” from you.

Does the Boho interior style suit you?

Actually, it doesn’t have to be an apartment or even a single-family home for you: a mobile Tiny House or a converted construction trailer will do just fine.
You like to travel and bring memorabilia with you. Your home should reflect the flair of the big wide world.
A lot of possessions don’t fit your lifestyle. Instead, you have a few favorite pieces you don’t want to do without – but they don’t really go together. Who cares?
You like bold colors, especially red, orange, yellow, turquoise and pink. Use them to design walls, furniture and textiles in a colorful mix.
Oriental, Asian and Moroccan influences determine your diet – why not your interior design style as well?
Peace, harmony and spirituality are not just empty words for you. And you have nothing against flower power anyway.
What doesn’t fit, is made to fit: You like to repair things and also like to improve one or the other piece of furniture or accessory on your own.
Comfort and luxury usually cost far too much money.
You much prefer the simple life with home-cooked food, children’s handicrafts and memorable photos. Tidiness is overrated anyway.

Quick tips: How to implement the Boho interior style quickly and inexpensively
Ethnic-look patterns and bold colors define the Boho interior style, so paint the walls white if they are currently colorful. Your diverse favorite pieces, flea market finds, vintage furniture and rugs will bring enough life into the game anyway. To keep things from becoming too much of a good thing, make sure you have a harmonious color scheme. Seat cushions and poufs add coziness to the living room, while batik quilts or patchwork plaids beautify the bedroom. Also, don’t forget to bring nature into the interior with some houseplants.

Does the Industrial Style interior style suit you?

Your favorite materials for decoration and furniture are wood, metal and leather.
You think floral patterns and romantic decorations are terrible.
A rough aesthetic appeals to you more.
You would prefer to live in a loft – or already do.
Less is more: instead of decorating with a lot of knickknacks, you prefer to go for special eye-catchers, like a bicycle hung on the wall or a large metal clock.
You like peeling paint and other signs of use on furniture much better than a perfect, new piece of furniture.
You like gray and brown much better than, say, pastel shades. If color, then a bright or rusty red on a vintage tap or similar cool retro pieces.
Preferably, you would have brick or concrete walls instead of wallpaper.

Quick tips: How to implement the Industrial interior style quickly and cheaply
Browse online classifieds for fruit or wine crates, pallets, zinc buckets, metal wall clocks, stools or side tables. In this way, you will bring rustic charm in the sense of industrial style into your four walls in no time. Then remove all the decorative odds and ends that annoy you anyway and place your finds in prominent places. On the sofa, you can continue to snuggle up in wool blankets and co. – so that the room in industrial style is not too rough furnished, but still looks a bit cozy and homely.

Does the vintage interior style Shabby Chic suit you?

Newly built or newly bought furniture is much too impersonal for you.
Your heart beats for old, used and quietly battered furniture and decorative objects.
You cherish mementos from your parents and grandparents and decorate your home with them.
You are a regular flea market visitor. You never know where you’ll unearth the next beautiful favorite item.
A minimalist interior style is absolutely not your cup of tea. Deco has to be – and it has to be extravagant and very feminine.
Although you like to surround yourself with old things, elegance and comfort should not fall by the wayside.
Your romantic streak is also reflected in your home: cream, rosé and taupe are your favorite colors.
Linen, pillows and bedspread may be quietly decorated with lace or embroidery.
You like to transform old pieces of furniture with chalk paint into individual unique pieces, which, however, still show their age with an appropriate finish.

Quick tips: How to implement the interior design style Shabby Chic quickly and inexpensively
For Shabby Chic in your apartment nothing like off to the next flea market! Vintage dressmaker’s mannequins, candlesticks and chandeliers, diaries and old photographs can be found there or in online classifieds. The next favorite piece in the kitchen can be well staged in a rustic wooden buffet. Or on a shelf, the wood of which you can make look old, to fit perfectly into your old apartment. Combine scratched furniture in the bedroom and living room with elegant fabrics, for example, cushions of velvet in taupe and pink silk. For the feminine boudoir, you need a delicate dressing table with make-up jars and perfume bottles from grandmother’s time.


Does the Scandinavian interior style suit you?

Coziness, warmth, security: these words are music to your ears. Suitably to the Scandinavian life feeling “Hygge”.
You prefer to do without bright colors in your home completely, except perhaps blue.
White predominates in your rooms or you would like it to be so.
You would like to have a fireplace – or you already have one and it is your favorite place in the apartment.
You like furniture best in light wood.
You love cozy home accessories, like wool rugs or knit couch blankets.
Plastic does not come into your house. You rely on natural materials such as linen or wood and like to buy flower pots and tableware made of porcelain or ceramic.
You’d rather turn on a small floor lamp with soft light for reading than sit in a brightly lit room.

Quick tips: How to implement the Scandinavian interior style quickly and inexpensively
Give away decorations in bright colors to a friend who likes them better than you do. Then let coziness move in with fluffy, woolly home accessories. Do you have an old sweater that you no longer wear or that has a hole in one spot? From the well-preserved part of the garment, you can conjure up a pillowcase in Skandi style. You can find the instructions for this at our upcycling ideas. Since the Scandinavian interior style is also accompanied by the hygge lifestyle, it is then only: slipped into your favorite sweater and off under the blanket with a good book in front of your nose and a cup of tea or coffee next to you on the wooden coffee table!

Does the Japandi interior style suit you?

You like the Skandi style, but it is too inelegant for you.
“Less is more” and “quality over quantity” are your guiding principles when decorating.
You like to keep an eye out for designer furniture with purist lines and shapes.
Tidying guru and best-selling author (“Magic Cleaning”) Marie Kondo is your role model, her Konmari method your philosophy.
As timeless, selected individual pieces, pictures with Asian calligraphy, ceramic bowls or screens decorate your interior.
But you will also find a room with nothing but a beautiful ikebana as decoration wonderfully simple.
A perfect for you interior style includes only restrained colors such as black, white, brown, beige and terracotta.
You invest in high-quality furniture made of solid wood and home textiles made of leather, linen or cotton, rather than polyester or other synthetic material.
You could imagine sleeping only on a futon, instead of in a bed.

Quick tips: How to implement the Japandi furnishing style quickly and inexpensively
“Japandi” is composed of “Japan” and “Skandi”. There is not much to do with this furnishing style – because it is characterized above all by simplicity. Choose carefully the few special Asian furniture or decorative items that you buy. In order to set small highlights to match this furnishing style, try the Japanese Shibori batik technique.

Furnishing styles test

Does the Urban Jungle furnishing style suit you?

You can never have enough indoor plants.
You have a green thumb.
They live in the city and long for more nature around them.
You are not allergic.
“Green, green, green is all I got.” – This old nursery rhyme could be the soundtrack of your life.
You want a portion of tropical flair in your apartment for a holiday mood at home.
You like pictures, decorative pieces and textiles with printed or painted plants or tropical patterns.
You garden on the balcony or use your windowsill as an indoor herb garden.
You like to put your plants in the limelight, for example in a hanging basket that dangles from the ceiling.

Quick tips: How to implement the Urban Jungle furnishing style quickly and inexpensively
For the Urban Jungle furnishing style, you need one thing above all: plenty of plants. You probably already have some. Then there is no need to buy lots of new ones: just pull offshoots from your indoor plants! How about a self-made moss picture as a wall decoration? A few simple, self-painted plant pictures make a wonderful addition. You can find numerous instructions for this, also for beginners, on YouTube, for example on the channels “stifteliebe” or “Shayda Campbell”. You can also paint single-colored cushion covers, for example with monstera leaves.

Does the furnishing style country style suit you?

You live in the country by conviction, or if you’re a city dweller you’d like to live in a cottage.
They like to pick flowers in the meadow and put them on the table as decoration.
When it comes to furniture, you prefer unique pieces with vintage charm to standard pieces from the furniture store.
When it comes to materials for furniture and home accessories, you value naturalness.
Her favorite patterns are checks or floral patterns. That may come across as a bit old-fashioned.
Picnics, baking your own bread, handicrafts and reading are among your favorite hobbies. They live the Cottagecore trend.
They like to make themselves comfortable.
You will find muted chalk colors such as antique turquoise or taupe pretty. Of course, you also like to pick up a brush yourself and beautify walls or furniture.
They love browsing for treasures like old zinc cans at the flea market.

Quick tips: How to implement the furnishing style country house style quickly and cheaply
Because the country style looks best against a calm backdrop of white or cream walls, you don’t need to bother painting the walls. Just head to the nearest flea market or click through the online classifieds and keep an eye out for vintage wooden furniture. You can also get decorations that match the country house style best second-hand, such as flowered porcelain crockery or ceramic vases. With cozy checked blankets or simple linen covers for your pillows you ensure cosiness.

furnishing styles

Does the Art Deco furnishing style suit you?

Elegance, luxury, comfort: You like to show off what you have – or long for a little more glamor in your life.
You like to surround yourself with bold colours: sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby ​​red, amethyst and gold are allowed to make walls, furniture and decorations shine.
Instead of seasonal DIY decorations, it is better to display a few individual items that you have brought with you from your travels around the world.
They prefer symmetrical, linear and geometric designs for wallpaper and fabrics.
For exclusive furniture made of ebony and mahogany or elegant designer armchairs, you can sometimes jump in more.
Shiny surfaces such as brass, chrome, crystal glass or polished wood are no problem for you.
Large mirrors and extravagant chandeliers can not only be found in the bathroom and bedroom, but can also transform the living room into an elegant salon.
You’d better leave white, pastel and comfy slouchy chairs to others.
Graphic prints or expressive paintings adorn your walls.

Quick tips: How to implement the Art Deco furnishing style quickly and inexpensively
Art Deco furnishing style is not quick and cheap – after all, you value the highest quality and individual tailor-made work. You can discuss details such as fabric patterns and carpets in bright gemstone colors with your interior decorator and determine the matching designs for the non-woven wallpaper. If you have to wait a while for the latest designer armchair, pass the time in the fully equipped home cinema or the comfortably furnished home office. By the way, technical gimmicks from the smart home for more comfort would probably be your thing too – try it out.

Does the minimalism furnishing style suit you?

You’re fed up with the “more and more” mentality of today’s consumer capitalism and you want to declutter your life.
It may be difficult to restrict yourself to a few, consciously selected everyday items, but it is doable for you.
Decorative objects are only dust collectors anyway: one or the other well-placed favorite piece is enough.
Like the capsule wardrobe, her wardrobe does not contain many pieces, but they can be easily combined.
Sustainable production of furniture from local types of wood as well as healthy and low-emission living are more important to you than cheap mass-produced goods.
When furnishing the children’s room or hobby room, you place more value on quality than quantity.
Order is half the battle: You are familiar with the Konmari method.
Don’t shy away from open spaces, carpets and wall decorations aren’t necessary.
Living in a tiny house would be your thing. With 20 square meters of living space, there is no room for useless clutter anyway.

Quick tips: How to implement the minimalism furnishing style quickly and inexpensively
At the beginning of the path to the furnishing style minimalism is the clearing out of the apartment. But don’t worry, you don’t have to throw everything away right away. But get rid of things you rarely use. Only keep what you absolutely need and what makes you happy. Once you have gotten rid of all the superfluous ballast, set up your apartment consciously and neatly with the remaining pieces. Everything has its place, walls and floors remain free, as do kitchen worktops, dining tables and chests of drawers. Which colors you paint the walls or choose your furniture and textiles in depends on the reason why you have decided on minimalism: white, gray and black appeal to those who long for a clean apartment – but it is a nightmare for them everyone who wants to live in better harmony with nature. Listen to your gut.

Test resolution: Which furnishing style suits you?
0 to 3 times “yes”

If you set up your own four walls in one of these styles, you should definitely not work from home. Otherwise you will spend even more time than you already do in an environment that you do not like. The simpler solution: Make your home your favorite place and ditch this interior design style. No matter how popular it is, you don’t feel comfortable with it.

4 to 6 times “yes”

This is one of those furnishing styles that always gives you the feeling that you might want to redesign the apartment again – because you just like this style of living so mediocre.

7 to 10 times “yes”

Let’s get to the quick tips for this furnishing style! If you didn’t agree with two or three statements, simply leave out these aspects of the style of living. Then you will be really happy with this furnishing style in your four walls.