Kitchen island

Kitchen island

Many people face the dilemma – should I renovate the whole kitchen or just change one element in the design? Renovation of the kitchen always means a huge investment of time and money. There are stunning kitchens on the market that deserve everyone’s attention. However, these cost a lot of money, so not everyone can afford something similar. That’s why we want to suggest you a cheaper option and present ideas for kitchen islands. Instead of buying a new kitchen island, you can convert an old base cabinet or table and in this way introduce a new, practical element to the kitchen. In both cases, you can not go wrong at all, because the kitchen island has proven to be a real multi-talent. It can be made in different styles, so that it completely meets your needs and design ideas. Moreover, when designing them, you can vary in color and size and create something unique.

Kitchen island

This kitchen island offers wide work surface and plenty of storage space.

Below we will show you numerous ideas for kitchen islands that will bring style and additional storage space to your kitchen. There are also fancy models that offer comfortable seating and space to work. It’s a bit outdated to think that the kitchen island is only for food preparation. Quite the contrary! Our ideas and rich picture gallery will convince you that a kitchen island combines many functions.

Here the kitchen island is wide enough. It has a built-in hot plate, so you can communicate with your family members while cooking. The three comfortable wooden chairs make this possible.
Kitchen island wide countertop metal accents top pendant lights three comfortable chairsKitchen island – the.

Kitchen island can be from rustic and vintage to modern and elegant

Take a look around the basement or attic, you are sure to find an old table that has been there for years and is already labeled unusable. You can now breathe new life into this by repurposing the retro piece of furniture. Hopefully, you have enough space in the kitchen so that it fits perfectly there. Furthermore, you can get a new countertop, for example. This does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money and can be made of unplaned wood if you have a vintage style kitchen. Then the kitchen island perfectly inscribes itself into the overall kitchen design.

A long table has now acquired new functions as a kitchen island and perfectly inscribes itself in this country style kitchen.

From old makes new – according to this principle, you can put a marble top on the old table or base cabinet and get a modern and very elegant kitchen island. In addition, it has numerous pluses when you work on it and prepare food and drinks. In the first place here is the perfect cleanliness and easy maintenance. Such a piece of furniture will fit nicely into any modern kitchen design, without attracting much attention.

Marble surfaces also fit into the kitchen in retro style.

Marble top perfectly corresponds with white ceiling and elegant pendant lights in this stylishly designed kitchen.
Kitchen island marble top contemporary kitchen white ceiling elegant pendant lights.


You can hardly see an integrated cooker hood
For all practical-minded readers, we have more clever ideas. How would you like a kitchen island on wheels? This can be moved around as easy as pie, without having to reorganize the whole kitchen. A kitchen island on casters can be placed where you currently need more work space or need new storage options accordingly. Practical, isn’t it?

From old to new – according to this principle, an old table has been turned into a kitchen island on casters.

Kitchen islands show a variety of colors and sizes.
When it comes to color design in the kitchen, in principle, you have unlimited options in front of you. Including in the kitchen island. Most homeowners prefer quite neutral colors, especially white or light pastel shades. But if you want to add a color accent, then you can opt for a kitchen island in a bright color like grass green, for example. Two-three chairs placed at the island in bright colors can also do the trick and attract everyone’s attention.

Kitchen island

A white kitchen island goes well with any style, retro in this case.

In most kitchens with a retro look or country style, wood dominates. Its warm nuances fit wonderfully into any room concept. In this regard, a kitchen island with wooden countertop is the best way to bring more natural warmth and some rustic flair into the kitchen.

Kitchen islands vary in format and shape, so everyone can choose the right model for their kitchen. These can vary from narrow to rectangular to square and spacious. The most important thing here is, you are satisfied with their size and shape. One thing is certain here: the kitchen island must not interfere with the overall kitchen design, but complement it. It must not stand out by its shape, color and size, but elegantly inscribe itself into the interior. If you follow these design principles, you will find the best kitchen island for your home or build it yourself.