What are the different types of Primitive Country Decor?

Primitive Country Decor

Primitive Country Decor features furniture and decorative elements that are typically simple in style, but exhibit craftsmanship in their creation. Utility items such as baskets, buckets and wooden containers are often used in a variety of ways as part of Primitive Country Decor. Dark and muted colors are prevalent in country style, especially in textiles, accessories and furniture.

Of course, an integral part of country decor is the fireplace. Read about stylish fireplace ideas here Decoreso.

When brought indoors, primitive county decor can include elements normally found outdoors, such as vines, berries and willow catkin branches. Bird nests, paper wasp nests and pine cones can be used alone, in groups or stacked in containers. Stones, animal antlers and twigs are also perfect for primitive country decor. Other primitive details include birdhouses and wooden and metal tools.

Hand-carved wooden bowls, handmade tool bags and woven baskets can be used on tables, shelves and walls. They can be used alone, decorated with berry-filled vines, or filled with primitive items such as rag balls, wooden balls, or homemade candles. Candles are often used in primitive country styles and should have a rough and rustic look rather than a smooth and sleek look.

Primitive Country Decor

When items rust, country people reuse them rather than throw them away, so almost anything rusty will work as a primitive decoration. Rusty cake pans can be used as candle holders and rusty buckets can be used to hold freshly picked or dried wildflower arrangements. Rusty metal stars can be used inside or outside as wall decorations, as can rusty advertising signs and food cans. Glass fruit jars, canning jars and old bottles can have rusty lids or be left open to hold pens, twigs or flowers.

Textiles used in primitive country decor often include homespun or homemade items such as tapestries, wool rugs and table runners. Colors used in primitive country decor are typically dark or muted shades, including blacks, browns and grays. Quilts often have simple basic shapes and may have ragged edges, tears and stains. Wall hangings and framed needlepoint often feature simply themed and primitively stitched pattern designs.

Primitive Country Decor

Flags, animals and painted wooden signs can also help complete the feeling of primitive country style in a room. Black crows, sheep and rabbits are common animal motifs and can be found in statues, fabric pillows and wood cutouts. Many antiques are good choices for a primitive country decor. Vintage railroad lanterns, kitchen utensils and enamelware are some decorative options. Other antiques that lend themselves to primitive style include wooden spools, treadle sewing machines and trunks.
Furniture should be plain, with simple construction and no carvings or ornamentation. Newly made wooden benches, tables, and stools are often painted dark colors and artificially weathered to create a worn appearance. Older furniture pieces such as dryer sinks, quilt racks and vanities can also add country charm to a home.