8 stylish decoration ideas for your coffee table

coffee table

Sure, flowers, magazines, books and candles always go. But sometimes you can experiment a bit on and with your coffee table. How about an exciting mix of materials or an arrangement of different tables? There are endless possibilities to give your living room more expression with a side table.

We have picked out the most beautiful eight ideas for you.

It can do more than just vases. Dare to do something with your coffee table. It’s worth it.

coffee table

One, two, preferably three

You have space in front of your sofa? Then try an arrangement of three small round side tables instead of a large coffee table. The advantage: You can arrange them as you like and set completely different accents on each one: your favorite vase together with a chic book here, a candlestick there and a flower there. The choice is yours.

Clear accents

Especially if you don’t have much space and therefore only a small coffee table, it’s worth decorating as reduced as possible. How about a small bowl or a fancy plate, for example?

Your table as a shelf

Large format coffee table books are far too expensive and far too beautiful to hide away. Besides, they don’t fit on most shelves anyway. So, make a virtue out of necessity and arrange them on your sofa table. Of course, this only works if you have enough space for a spacious table in your living room. If so, you can start stacking to your heart’s content and show your guests what you have!

Use the space underneath

Why stop at the table? Straight magazines can also be chicly stacked under your table. Or you can put two or three cushions underneath. This way you have seating for extra guests who can’t find room on your sofa. This perspective is also perfect for enjoying the pizza you ordered and your favorite TV show at the same time.

Without legs also works

Create a unique look by simply placing a fancy tabletop on the floor. This can be a large piece of driftwood from the flea market or you can simply unscrew the legs from your table. You can also simply opt for a model that has (almost) no legs at all from the start. However, the look only works with thick tabletops.

coffee table

Table decoration to match the rest of the room.

Copper tones are totally in right now. The trend is probably already reflected in your shelves and on your sofa. Only the side table is somehow still lagging behind, because you haven’t put away your piles of magazines for weeks. No problem! Here are a few chic reasons to tidy up.