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Shabby Chic

At some point, you can no longer see your old furnishings and simply need something new. But before you start painting, rearranging and decorating, you need inspiration. That’s why we’re showing you the 5 hottest home trends for 2019 and revealing how you can give your four walls a new stylish coat of paint super quickly and easily with the right decorative accessories.

Tip for those in a hurry: If you want to know right away which of the hottest living styles suits you best, then take the following test. It will tell you, based on a few questions about your character and taste, which of the 5 trendy interior styles would be perfect for you!

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Furnishing trends: an overview of the hottest interior styles
When it comes to furnishing your own apartment, you should not be guided by short-lived interior trends, but rather go for furniture that is timeless. The same applies to wall color and wallpaper. Instead of eye-catching trendy patterns and colors, go for tones that you have liked for a long time.

This way, you avoid getting tired of your new interior all too quickly, or no longer having any desire for the style of living when the trend is over.

Scandinavian interior style

One of the most popular home styles is the Scandinavian style. “Keep it simple” is the motto here. The colors for the interior are based on the Scandinavian landscape. The walls are therefore kept light and rather cool from white to soft light gray to frosty gray-blue.

In contrast to the cool, light walls, the rest of the interior is cozy and homey. Furniture made of light wood, cozy knitted blankets, lots of pillows and soft rugs are a must. The decorative elements, on the other hand, are minimalist and often graphic. This creates the clear and tidy impression that is typical of Scandinavian style.

style of living suits

Trendy interior mix

You will surely have come across this interior style on Pinterest or Instagram, because it is considered the “blogger living style”. Typical for him is a mixture of noble retro furniture, modern pieces and selected eye-catching decor, gladly mirrored in gold or silver. Velvet sofas and armchairs in bold colors such as fir green or petrol blue are particularly in vogue, and are staged as the focal point of the room.

Important for an elegant and overall rather clean overall impression: Do not overdo it with the retro pieces, otherwise the interior can quickly look stale. How about a light carpet or large black and white pictures as a contrast? A modern lamp or a minimalist coffee table with a marble or granite top will also lighten up the look.

Shabby Chic

Perfect for those who like country style: the shabby chic. However, the vintage look is anything but shabby. Typical for it is a noble and playful mix of antique-looking, spruced-up furniture – preferably whitewashed – romantic floral patterns and squiggly details. The walls are dipped in light colors like white, cream or delicate pastel shades like old pink.

The great thing about the trendy Shabby Chic: You can make it wonderfully yourself. To do this, rummage around flea markets for beautiful retro furniture and give them a new shine by sanding and a coat of white varnish. Simple Shabby Chic DIY ideas we show you here!

Mediterranean interior style

Pure vacation feeling – this feeling is conveyed by the Mediterranean interior style, which comes with a lot of wood, warm earth tones and cozy structures.

The wooden furniture appears robust and rustic and is reminiscent of the cozy furnishings of a finca. The southern living flair is particularly effective in combination with terracotta-colored tiles and decorative elements made of wood or stone. Also perfect to emphasize the Mediterranean style: an olive tree as a houseplant.

style of living suits

Maritime living flair

With its characteristic colors of white and blue, the maritime interior style immediately reminds us of our last North Sea vacation. The walls here are dipped in subtle colors like white, sand or pastel blue. The furniture is mostly made of light wood trimmed to look old, reminiscent of alluvial wood. Blankets and pillows in shades of blue complement the look.

In the maritime furnishing trend, people especially like to play with accessories. Sailboats, a wooden seagull or vases filled with sand and shells create a North Sea feeling. Our tip: On your next vacation by the sea, collect pieces of driftwood and shells and make a wind chime out of them. This perfectly underlines the maritime style of living.