Furniture trends 2022: colors, styles, materials for home decor.

Furniture trends 2022

The home is increasingly becoming the protagonist of our lives. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home according to the hottest trends of the moment.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, all areas of our lives have been affected. The house could not be an exception. In fact, the domestic walls have become even more protagonists of our daily lives. Furniture trends 2022: colors, styles, materials for home decor.

Suffice it to say that one of the styles emerging lately is called Homefulness, a name that refers to the concepts of home and mindfulness that have become a symbol of familiarity, peace, hospitality and tranquility. Let’s see some tips for decorating your home according to the hottest trends.

What is the homefullness style?

Just as mindfulness is a practice that aims to achieve a state of awareness and well-being, homefulness style aims to bring those sensations back into the home decor and beyond. The home environment must increasingly become a place of regeneration. Starting with the rooms, an atmosphere full of relaxation dominates: minimal furnishings, cleanliness, soft colors and references to nature. In two words: simplicity and light.

Even beyond coziness, there is certainly a strong inclination towards minimalism, balance, simplicity of lines and shapes among the 2022 furniture trends, which also refers to another very popular value: that of sustainability. The minimalist furniture style – followed by much of contemporary design – also has another advantage for those who need to experience the home more and more, namely practicality and functionality.

Always natural

Reconnecting with nature is another of the most strongly felt needs of furniture trends 2022. With the term sustainability, we add the small but subtle suffix and it becomes eco-sustainability. So we enter the world of natural materials: wood, willow, bamboo, rattan, wicker, jute. If in recent years it was sometimes difficult to go out into nature for long periods of time, this trend brings nature indoors.

Valuable materials

A trend that started in 2021 has all the makings to continue interior trends in 2022. The latest global trends report from TaskRabbit, a community that connects professionals and those who need to renovate their homes, highlighted a significant increase in the purchase of high-end materials: Marble, granite, quartz and Venetian terrazzo, the most popular items. A figure that signals the desire to live your home more and more luxurious.

There are colors that never go out of fashion, nuances that accompany us for a lifetime. Others live true moments of glory, like Very Peri, a new shade of periwinkle blue tending towards violet, named Color of the Year 2022 by Pantone. A more traditional blue is also back in trend for the walls of our home: relaxing and imaginative and, above all, very versatile. In shades of navy, but also brighter like Cyan Sky, it gives positive emotions in all rooms of the house: from the living room to the bedroom. Among the colors that will fill the houses in 2022 are also ocher in its various shades and green, especially olive green and petrol green. Also in this case, they are relaxing colors and with different combinations.

Shared spaces

The house more live everything together, study, work, have fun with your hobbies. This is increasingly a necessity. Hence the need for shared spaces and versatile furnishings so that the same environments can coexist for leisure or work activities. Turn a coffee table into a desk, move a piece of furniture according to the desired light. More and more proposals for functional and modular furnishings.

Furniture trends 2022

Functionality and style in the kitchen

The trend in one of the most inhabited rooms of the house – the kitchen – is boiserie. Over the tiles get panels of any color and with a variety of motifs. There are many positive aspects, but first of all the ease of cleaning. Often panels of the latest generation hang on the kitchen countertop and provide a safe visual effect. So no more alignments that blacken. Boiserie has another advantage: the panels can cover an entire wall, creating more different color and design effects, but most importantly, hiding the upper cabinets and creating a very pleasant continuum effect.