Wall decoration

Wall decoration


Whether it’s a poster, canvas picture, acrylic glass picture, picture on alu-dibond or forex: here we show you some tips on how to best hang your pictures.

Poster & Adhesive Poster

This variant requires an additional picture frame/passepartout to hang the image on the wall. Of course, you can also attach the poster directly to the desired location using pins or adhesive strips.

You can simply stick our adhesive posters on the wall or on any surface. Please note the specific adhesive properties of our adhesive posters (repositionable, permanent adhesive, …).

Canvas pictures

For canvas pictures, you do not need a special frame or special hanging devices. Two nails or screws are enough, on which you can hang your canvas picture directly. Make sure that you choose suitable nails/screws that can bear the weight of your canvas picture.

Wall decoration

Pictures on Alu-Dibond, Acrylic and Forex

If you have ordered your picture with suspension, the respective suspensions are already pre-assembled. Normally, two additional nails or screws are sufficient to attach your picture to the wall afterwards. Make sure that you use suitable nails/screws that can support the weight of your picture.


First you need to measure the picture and the wall so you know exactly where to place it.

Materials needed:

  • Ruler/Meter
  • Pencil
  • spirit level


It depends on how high your wall is and how high you want your picture to hang. As a rule of thumb, hang the picture at 5 feet tall or so that two-thirds of the picture is below your eye level and the rest is above.


Depending on the condition of the wall and the size of the picture.


Instead of wiping up the drilling dust on the floor, tape a folded piece of paper to the wall below the place where drilling will take place. Fold the paper so it looks like a small vase.


Do you have several pictures? How about combining them together?

There are several ways to align your pictures.

The important thing with all variations is to imagine an imaginary line along which the pictures are aligned. That’s where the spirit level plays an important role.

Aligning to a bottom or top edge
The simplest variant is when you align all images to a fixed bottom or top edge.

Aligning images to a top or bottom edge

Align to the center
This variant is often seen at exhibitions. The center of each image should be aligned vertically on the imaginary line.

Align images to the center

Here there is no imaginary line, but an imaginary cross. The images are then aligned both vertically and horizontally.

Wall decoration

Hang pictures as a coherent collage

From the outside to the inside
Imagine a rectangular box where all the pictures fill up this area. This is more suitable for large walls and especially for pictures with different formats.

Positioning and hanging pictures from the outside to the inside

Same format
Same presentation as “from the outside to the inside”. Very impressive.